McKinney Children & Youth Choir Registration

The McKinney Children and Youth Choir meet once a week. We sing sacred hymns, as well as patriotic songs and music through the decades. We learn music theory, vocal technique, vowel formation and much more. Tuition fees are based per semester. Our Fall season will begin September 20, 2022. We will rehearse on Tuesday evenings. 4:30-5:15pm – $45/month Fall and Christmas Performances! Choir Director: Jina Kim & Serena Ashcroft Combine with our Chess Club that meets the same day from 2 - 4:15pm and only pay $75/month for both!

Student and Parent Information

Pay in full - $135
With Chess Club - $225

Pay Monthly:
$45 - Due by October 1, 2022
$45 - Due by November 1, 2022
$45 - Due by December 1, 2022

With Chess Club:
$75 - Due by October 1, 2022
$75 - Due by November 1, 2022
$75 - Due by December 1, 2022

*A late fee of $25 will be added to any payments over 3 days late.
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