Our Philosophy

Hybrid-Model = Partner Minded

The hybrid education model is encouraged by many experts for offering the advantages of small class sizes, engaging classroom environments, professional educators, course variety, accountability, parent support, resources, community, social opportunities and affordable tuition. During school hours students are taught the main concepts and assignments are completed at home for reinforcement on the subject.

M.A.K.E. Greatness provides a collaborative experience for the homeschooling family by offering classes two days per week in all core subjects, as well as a variety of exciting electives. Our teachers provide guidance, encouragement and a framework for the three days students are at home, allowing parents to save time planning and spend more quality time with their children.

What does a student typically do at school?
  • Hands on activities
  • Group discussions
  • Instruction
  • Interactive class periods
What will my home days look like?
  • Clear instructions for at-home work
  • Reading, projects, papers, reinforcement

Our Mission & Beliefs

Our mission is to create an environment that encourages academic learning, socialization, free play, and the arts. We believe in God and country and support our children as they grow to be productive, educated citizens who love to learn and to serve others. We provide traditional education and welcome all people.

Make Greatness Academy is a NON-DENOMINATIONAL Classical school anchored firmly in Judeo-Christian values. Our courses are Biblical in worldview and promote Biblical understandings of knowledge and Truth.

We do not promote the theology of any particular church, temple, or branch of Judeo-Christian thought. We seek to inspire basic Judeo-Christian values in the classroom, allowing parents to teach their particular faith traditions and beliefs at home.

School Motto

I can do things by myself through hard work.

I can be a team player & good citizen.

I will give selfless service & encouragement to myself and others.

I will MAKE Greatness today!

School Pledge

We are respectful of one another.

We believe in freedom and

accept consequences for our choices.

We love one another even when someone makes mistakes.

We love art, culture, and learning.

We balance hard work and fun.

We choose activities that make us smarter, stronger, kinder,

more creative and closer to God.